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  • 5 Year Bull Market Kiss of Death?

    That haunting phrase… “History repeats itself” can often leave a haunting feeling in the pit of ones stomach. Thinking about the stock market’s past crashes can allow fear to seep into the psyche of traders… But fear and doubt are the LAST things us traders want on our minds. Whenever I hear about history repeating itself, my mind goes to the stock market. No doubt any traders who were trading back in 2000 and in 2008 remember the dreadful crashes that happened in the market. Whatever you do, don’t let past market problems get to your mind. See past problems... READ MORE

Stock Analysis

Click on the image below to view a list of the MyGenLoves stocks.

Click on the image below to view a list of the MyGenLoves stocks.

MyGenLoves Index

The MyGenLoves index is a stock index created by Fox on Stocks to show how my generation’s preferences and buying habits affect stock prices.

The MyGenLoves index is calculated based on the stock price of 20 companies that are currently hot in the eyes of kids in my generation. We take those 20 companies, track their stock price every day, and weight and calculate an index number each day.

How can you use the MyGenLoves index?
You can use the MyGenLoves index just like the Dow, the S&P500, and other indexes are used….. that is, you take one day’s number and compare it to another to see if the index is going up or down, allowing you to see stock market performance at a quick glance.