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Rachel Fox - January 17, 2013
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What’s going on with Apple and thieves?

In the past year, there have been 5 or more robberies of Apple stores and Bust Buy stores, particularly targeting iPhone 5s, iPads, iPad Minis, and iMacs. According to Yahoo! Finance, this is becoming an Apple Crime Spree epidemic.

  • In June, thieves drove a car into the side of a Best Buy building in Chicago and stole $10,000 of Apple products.
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  • In October, six thieves broke into a Best Buy in Florida and stole $40,000 worth of Apple products.
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  • Around the same time, more burglars $70,000 worth of Apple products from yet another Best Buy in Alabama.
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  • In November, thieves stole $1.5 million worth of Apple products from a building at the JFK Airport and used an airport forklift to do it. Around 3,600 iPad Minis were stolen.
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  • Finally, the most tactful scheme. On New Years Eve, while the police were distracted with dealing with the large crowds, the burglars broke into an Apple store in Paris and stole $1.3 million worth of iPhone 5s and iPad Minis.
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Why Apple??

Because it’s Apple.

Apple products are being targeted because it’s so easy for them to be sold in a secondary market. Their value preserves like no other electronic devices out there. Many people will sell their used Apple products on Ebay for a good, tidy price, and people will buy them because it’s worth it. And in some countries, the iPhone is a status symbol.

What does this mean for Apple and it’s stock price?

Three things.

  • Robbery is bad, but publicity, even publicity about bad things, is good publicity. You don’t see thieves stealing millions worth of Samsung Androids…just sayin’.
  • Losing millions of dollars in products is never good for a company. But the tech giant currently has around 5.67 billion (not million) in free cash flow. Insurance will cover the losses and Apple will continue financially untouched.
  • Apple will continue to grow and make technological leaps and bounds. I see the stock price rising back up to around $700 this year.

Shakespeare said,

“The robb’d that smiles steals something from the thief…”


In Conclusion…

What does Apple get from the thieves? Stature, Publicity, and New Technology – All things Apple is, was, and will be in the future. Thank you to the thieves for reaffirming our beliefs in how epic Apple products really are. Thank you Apple thieves…for helping me keep my eye on Apple.

Many Happy Returns,


  1. What an outstanding role model you are Rachel. It just shows what hard work can do for a person. I’ll bet your mom is very proud of you.

  2. It is against the investor’s best interest not to invest in companies like Apple: it is a technology fad. Refer to the success in internet stocks. A big bubble was built around apple which eventually burst and crashed (now, yes, apple stock may vary well go back to 700 a share… or it may never). Regardless of what you believe in Apple stock, this is merely speculation, and NOT investing. The long term is all that matters for stocks that are for sure payoffs. I am sure you have read some of the teachings of the Oracle of Omaha, Ben Graham, or Phil Fisher. Do not get sidetracked with the short term because that is all it is, short payoffs (or lack thereof). Good luck with investments, cheers!

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