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Rachel Fox - February 22, 2013

How The Oscars Affect Movie Studio Stock Prices

Rachel Fox - February 22, 2013

My Top 10 Day Trading Stock Favorites

Rachel Fox - February 22, 2013
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Why these Stocks are my favorites for day trading

You may have heard me say that I do not believe in giving or taking Stock Tips. That is definitely the truth because my worst trade ever was a stock tip that sent the $2/share stock (and I bought a lot of it) soaring downwards to its current value of…¼ of one penny.

See my Yahoo! Finance interview with Jeff Macke where I talk about my worst stock trade ever:

The reason I am not in favor of giving or receiving stock picks is because:

  • Your in and out timing may be different than the person giving the advice, and therefore, the results will not be the same;
  • Many people take a stock tip and invest without studying the stock for themselves.
  • Sometimes a stock tip is suggested because the tipper wants to move the market in his or her favor.

I am in favor of listening to the stock favorites of some people and learning from them on why they think a particular stock has strengths or weaknesses. You can then use that information to profit from trading that stock. That is why today’s blog is about the stocks I love to day trade.

My favorite Day Trading Stocks

The following stocks are ones I’ve traded for a quick, short-term gain. I use my own set of criteria I call HUMV to screen for these stocks, and I almost always use this method as a quick, efficient, ‘first audition’ to see which stocks make it through to the second round for more serious consideration.

HUMV – First Audition for stock favorites for Rachel Fox’s Stockwatch List

  • High Trade Volumes
  • Under $80
  • Most moves based on technical analysis, not on mainstream news
  • Very volatile

Enjoy looking at the list below and use them as a starting point to begin drafting your own stock choices. Remember…I always recommend researching every stock choice for yourself. Don’t depend on my mind (or anyone else’s) to make your great trade.

Oh, and there’s one more warning..tThis list changes constantly. You may see this list on February 19, 2013 and it may be different on February 20. This is because the stock market is dynamic, ever-changing, and erratic. Even based on that alone, I encourage you to look into the choices, and if you have questions, go ahead and tweet me at @foxonstocks. If you catch me, I’ll give you my up-to-the-second opinion. If you don’t catch me at the tweet desk, trust your own instincts. It may become the best trade of your life and you will be so happy and empowered.

Many Happy Returns and here’s the list,

Rachel Fox Favorite Day Trading Stocks


  1. Your stated reasons are very valid. I do post stock opinions at times but always with the caution to do their own DD and ask if they really want to risk their money on what I say. When I see other opinions, I will look at the charts but typically, I do my own thing.

    Did a very quick look at the charts for your top 10. I should preface my comments by saying that I swing trade, not day trade so I don’t have any go-to list such as this. In fact once I round trip a stock, I don’t go back to it at least for 30 days because I don’t want to risk a wash sale. In fact, what I do is on the weekend, scan through 500 or more stocks, noting the ones that deserve a better look then go back and pick 5-10 that become eligible for trading sometime during the week.

    So, for your list, there are a few that are in the same position technically as the overall market and APC, SLB, NOV and SBUX might go for a very short term long trade. The techs for TIF are in the mud and hiding its intentions. LNKD has become very overbought on the daily, but don’t think it’s quite there yet – maybe mid-week. Didn’t like SOHU primarily because there’s not enough price potential in any move to make it worth the risk. Didn’t even look at FB or EBAY because the name are too big for my taste. Might add SBUX to that category also. The one I kind of liked was SHLD for a short swing trade. I use an entry exit signal indicator that I devloped which is a hybrid of two indicators and SHLD is right at the signal point on the daily – it just needs a confirmation.

    All the above is based on a very quick look at the charts and with this being Friday. Watching the Sunday night action in Asia and Monday morning in Europe plus news could easily change my opinion, so do your own DD. After all, it is YOUR money, not mine.

  2. Hi,

    I watched this tonight on Fox TV. I need to learn how to do this online.
    Can you help me?

    Charlotte Cox

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  4. Hi Rachel,

    Could you explain to me why the “Under $80 price” is part of your selection criteria?

    If trading a $30 stock vs. a $300 stock, could you just not trade 1/10th the amount of shares for the $300 stock?

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